Tarlavsky-Price Youth Leadership Award

The Greer Foundation presents this award to organizations/individuals that exemplify the endearing characteristics of two of America's finest young Army officers - Captain Michael Tarlavsky and Chief Warrant Officer Bruce Price.

Answering the nation's call to duty during the Global War on Terrorism, these brave men led their Special Forces detachments with distinction under extremely difficult circumstances. Both warriors earned the Silver Star and Purple Heart for their courage and valor under fire. CPT Tarlavsky was mortally wounded in Iraq on August 12, 2004. CW2 Price was mortally wounded on May 15, 2004 in Afghanistan.

Their example of leadership was witnessed first-hand by Greer who served as then Second Lieutenant Tarlavsky's Battalion Command Sergeant Major in the 25th Infantry Division. It was Mike who first approached CSM Greer in 1999 during his first week as the Battalion Command Sergeant Major. In typical Tarlavsky style, Mike invited his new Sergeant Major to run with his Infantry Scout Platoon during their morning physical fitness run. They grew to respect one another and often spoke about Special Forces. Mike was a tremendous Platoon Leader who earned the respect of his men every day.

When Greer took over Special Forces Operational Detachment 323 in 1995 at Fort Bragg, NC, Bruce Price was a young, energetic, Staff Sergeant who was living his dream. Greer was highly impressed with Bruce who was an expert at small arms weapons and tactics. Bruce was also an avid runner and extremely physically fit. Their respect for one another continued to grow during many deployments and field training exercises.

Although Tarlavsky and Price were truly remarkable leaders, their greatest impact on Greer's life is that both men treated everyone with the utmost dignity and respect. Their persona, professionalism, and can-do attitude influenced many and inspired future generations of young leaders. They were dedicated husbands and proud fathers.

In 2005, the foundation established this award to honor their sacrifice and leadership. This award recognizes outstanding organizations/individuals who serve children and exhibit loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. The award consists of a custom engraved acrylic statue.

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